Recipe: Corel Paintshop Pro X4

Start with a good installation

At the start of packaging Corel Paintshop Pro X4 I searched the internet for recipes. A couple of silent installations are found on the internet. The application kept asking for registration and updates. I found the solution in a deployment guide of the product.

The documentation of suppliers are usually written for attended installation and not for enterprise environments. I was surprised with a decent deployment guide, see

Prepare the installation

For my customer i have downloaded the latest updates for the application. The service packs of the application are found at . You need to download the service pack 2 and 3 because the service pack 2 is a dependency for 3.

The deployment guide has several options for the installation. Pick the options you need for your environment. The parameters IOFF and NEVERREGISTER are important for enterprise environments.The parameters are executed after the “setup.exe”. I created the following silent installation:

Set THISDIR=%~dp0
“%thisdir%setup.exe” INSTLANG=EN,FR,DE,ES,NL IOFF=1 FORCENOSHOWLIC=1 NEVERREGISTER=1 DESKTOP=NONE SERIALNUMBER=”xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx” /norestart /qn

“%thisdir%PSPX4_SP2.exe” IOFF=1 /QN
“%thisdir%PSPX4_SP3.exe” IOFF=1 /QN

First use popup

The application has a couple “first use” popup options. You need to capture the popups during the monitoring fase.

clip_image002    clip_image004

The settings are stored at  %localappdata%\Corel Paintshop Pro\. clip_image006

To include the settings within your package, the %localappdata% settings needs to be removed from the exclusionist.


PVAD (Primary Virtual Application Directory)

The application will detect duplicated items if the first use is captured during monitoring.clip_image009

The application detects the items from the VFS and “C:\Programdata\App-v\packageguid\Versionguid\”. You need to install the application into the PVAD directory to solve the double library because the VFS will not be used. The PVAD option is hidden since App-V 5.0 SP3. You can enable the PVAD feature through the command line “sequencer.exe –EnablePVADControl” or the following registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The “Create new package” wizard would add the PVAD option to the sequencer. The application will install in C:\Program Files (X86)\Corel\. Use the same directory for the PVAD option.


Enjoy Corel Paintshop Pro X4! Knipogende emoticon


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