Recipe: Greenshot

This blog will guide packagers to virtualize Greenshot.


Greenshot is a free screenshot tool with a nice screenshot editor. I have been using Greenshot for years and running virtualized with App-V 5. The application could be configured through a default template, fixed settings or leaving de config in %appdata%\Greenshot. I should suggest to use a combination between Greenshot-default.ini and Greenshot-fixed.ini, see Greenshot Website for more information.

You can download greenshot from the website

Start to sequence with default settings.

Install the downloaded version of Greenshot

2018-03-25 16_08_33- - Remote Desktop Connection

Trying to avoid integration issues i tend to install compact version of greenshot. I am not interrested in these addons.

2018-03-25 16_10_46- - Remote Desktop Connection

Open de preferences after installing the applications. Richt click on the greenshot icon in the icontray > click on preferences..

2018-03-25 16_11_53- - Remote Desktop Connection

By setting the “Update check interval in days” to 0, the application will not prompt for updates.

2018-03-25 16_12_06- - Remote Desktop Connection

If you are packaging for VDI or RDSH environments, you might consider the “Make some optimizations for usage with remote desktop”.

2018-03-25 16_12_19- - Remote Desktop Connection

After editing, the settings are saved in %appdata%\greenshot\greenshot.ini. The default en fixed settings are used for default settings or force settings. You can reuse the current Greenshot.ini and remove all unwanted settings.

My example for Greenshot-Defaults.ini

2018-03-25 16_15_24- - Remote Desktop Connection

My example for Greenshot-Fixed.ini

2018-03-25 16_15_31- - Remote Desktop Connection

You need to copy these settings to C:\Program files\Greenshot\

2018-03-25 16_15_48- - Remote Desktop Connection2018-03-25 16_16_24- - Remote Desktop Connection

For best practice, close the running application.

2018-03-25 16_16_33- - Remote Desktop Connection

Remove greenshot from %appdata%\Greenshot

Application configuration

2018-03-25 16_16_54- - Remote Desktop Connection

Remove greenshot from %localappdata%\Greenshot

Application logs

2018-03-25 16_17_06- - Remote Desktop Connection

The application is ready and you can stop monitoring the application.

All the registry settings should be deleted

2018-03-25 16_19_42- - Remote Desktop Connection

All the files should be deleted, except for the greenshot directory.2018-03-25 16_20_52- - Remote Desktop Connection

Beware, the application does not need write access to the program files. To force the settings of “Greenshot-fixed.ini” users shouldnt have write or delete access on programfiles. Keep de “Allow Virtual Applications full write permissions to the virtual file system” unchecked.2018-03-25 16_21_01- - Remote Desktop Connection

The default setting of Greenshot is startup at userlogin. This setting is configured through RUN registry and is ignored by App-V 5. You could create a shortcut in \Programs\StartUp if you want this feature.

2018-03-25 16_21_29- - Remote Desktop Connection


Goodluck and happy packaging!



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