About Roel Beijnes


Hiya, Welcome to my blog. I am Roel Beijnes and i am an End User Computing consultant. I have a lot of experience with virtualizing applications with Microsoft App-V.

I started my IT career as a helpdesk employee and i took the opportunity to start packaging in 2008. In the evenings i was following collage and in 2013 graduated for my “Bachelor of IT” on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

I have been able to present on the European App-V usergroup.  My first presentation was about  The Power of Powershell with App-V  and my second presentation was about How to improve the conversion to App-V 5?.

As a consultant at Login Consultants i work with a lot of different products in the End User Computing spectrum. For example; VMware ThinApp, VMware UEM, RES WM, RES AM. And the last couple of months i have been working with Vmware Horizon Cloud and VMware Airwatch.

For more information about my carreer you can follow me on linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/roel-beijnes/24/64/376

Beijnes, Roel FULL


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