Recipe : Devolutions RemoteDesktopManager

A lot of IT departments use RemoteDesktopManager of Devolutions. Its a license product for your remotedesktop sessions. The product has several addons. For example: Dropbox, Hyper-V and many more.

Virtualizing this application isnt a straitforward job. The licensekey is stored inside the %appdata% and contains serveral hardcodepaths of the user who configures the application. In the following blog i have described the workaround to these issues.

Start the installation of Remote Desktop Manager

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Recipe: Greenshot

This blog will guide packagers to virtualize Greenshot.


Greenshot is a free screenshot tool with a nice screenshot editor. I have been using Greenshot for years and running virtualized with App-V 5. The application could be configured through a default template, fixed settings or leaving de config in %appdata%\Greenshot. I should suggest to use a combination between Greenshot-default.ini and Greenshot-fixed.ini, see Greenshot Website for more information.

You can download greenshot from the website

Start to sequence with default settings.

Install the downloaded version of Greenshot

2018-03-25 16_08_33- - Remote Desktop Connection

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App-V 5 virtual processes

note: I have created a video about this blogpost, see


I have used the function “Get-AppvVirtualProcess” to terminate app-v processes through stop-process. This is not a clean solution but it get things done!

I was wondering about a better solution for terminating App-V processes. Playing around with “Get-AppvVirtualProcess” i noticed the results are processnames and not the packagename.

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Recipe: App-V 5 Workpace 5.0.3

Wellnomics Workpace 5.03

The application workpace is used to monitor the behaviour and advice the users to reduce RSI (Repetitive strain injury) Through videos and popups the user is informed to exercise or to take a break

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App-V 5 Publishing server refresh

Have you been waiting for the App-V 5 publishing server to synchronisation with the App-V 5 management server? The default installation configures the synchronisation for every 10 minutes. This settings is stored within the registry of the server. Microsoft documented this registry in the following website . Microsoft also describes a manually trigger to start the synchronisation. I want to trigger the synchronisation process to avoid waiting and for emergency changes.

The publishing server is build on top of the IIS “Internet Information Services”. Recycling the application pool “AppvPublishing” triggers the synchronisation  process. Go to Server Management > Roles > Webserver (IIS) > Internet Information Sercices > Application Pools. Right click the application pool “AppVPublishing” and press “Recycle”. During the recycle process the publishing server keeps functioning and responding to requests from App-V 5 clients.16-9-2015 16-23-08

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Recipe: Corel Paintshop Pro X4

Start with a good installation

At the start of packaging Corel Paintshop Pro X4 I searched the internet for recipes. A couple of silent installations are found on the internet. The application kept asking for registration and updates. I found the solution in a deployment guide of the product.

The documentation of suppliers are usually written for attended installation and not for enterprise environments. I was surprised with a decent deployment guide, see

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Microsoft App-V 5 Connectiongroups and errors

Edit: The issue is solved in App-V 5 SP2. The connectiongroups can’t be added with these conflicting settings

Microsoft App-V 5 Connectiongroups and errors

Error: This may be due to a network failure

After importing App-V 5 packages and setting up connectiongroups I was experiencing problems with starting up the applications. I got several errors:the may be due to a network failure

Error: this may be due to a network failure

Error code: 0x8e90060a-003000F

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