App-V 5 Shared Content Store SCS


In my first blog i want to talk about App-V 5 Share Content Store. At my work we are developing a App-V 5 training for our customers. In my lab i have tried to use Shared Content Store (SCS). With SCS in App-V 5 we are able to keep the footprint of the cache application to a minimal. Because the application inst fully downloaded at run-time.

The use of SCS could be useful for VDI infrastructure, to spare on the storage usages.

I have noticed my test account was able to download his own applications. Because the test user downloaded all his applicationcache, the use of SCS is nullified. Microsoft has fixed this issue during beta. Soo i was surprised of this option.

Other people aren’t having the same problem as my lab. Why is my lab having this option for the users?

I have tried out three options:

Situation A:

Installing App-V 5 Client with the correct paramenters  “appv_client_setup.exe SHAREDCONTENTSTOREMODE=1 /q” and rebooting and setting all the settings through GPO

Situation B:

Installing App-V 5 Client with the installer gui and rebooting and setting all the settings through GPO

Situation C:

Working after situation B, but removing all the cache through powershell “Get-AppvClientPackage -All | Stop-AppvClientPackage | Remove-AppvClientPackage”  and rebooting and setting all the settings through GPO

The results,

With the situation A en C the test user wasnt able to cache the applications

Although Situation B the test user was able to cache the applications.

Conclusion: Install App-V 5 with unattented installation through or rebuild your local cache through Powershell.


Presenting on the European App-V Usergroup

Yesterday i was lucky to present on the European App-V Usergroup. I have presented an overview of PowerShell possibilities of App-V 5. In the upcoming blogpost I am going to share information about the PowerShell possibilities.